I can’t get this song out of my head.

It’s a great song and a great show.


So I watched Episode 2 last night: “The Old Man Baby Episode” -as I like to refer to it as. This episode is the 2 strike and here’s why. First Let me say, I want this show to be good. I really do.

But my gripes: The acting is sub-par. The main actress isn’t very dynamic nor interesting. Joshua Jackson seems like an after thought. SPOILER: His character will turn out to be a clone of the Doctor. I can see it coming a mile away.

Also the Conspiracy seems a little ….well, played out about a billion times before.It’s also a bit laughable. Rather then tell us there’s a conspiracy can’t we just ride along and come up with that on our own.

I have a few statements to make after watching episode 2:

X-Files did this already!

X-Files did this Already!

X -Files did this Already and they did it better!

JJ, Episode 3 better be Fantastic or I’m gone.


Fantasy Sports Rant.

Fantasy Baseball is a crock – no skill needed just luck. My Team was up going into Sunday and then without notice half my team isn’t playing. I lost by one hit. If I had some notice I could have switched a player or two out but no. I now get to play for 3rd -Guess what – … i was in it to win it. So I’m done. I’m not playing Fantasy Baseball next year.

However Fantasy Football is a different story – I have scored the highest score in my league – 2 weeks in a row thank in part to the shoot out in Denver. I had both Kutler and Rivers playing.

A television drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

Looks Like Xfiles on steriods.

So after watching it a few times I have come to the conclusion that it’s ……. OK. It has potential but so far it’s every thing we’ve seen before. Nothing original. Think House+Xfiles+Police Drama+Lost Conspiracy+ Prison Break edginess. It all sounds good but it just never really does anything. I’m giving it my 3 strikes and your off my DVR. Consider the first episode a swing and a miss. Also Joshua Jackson seems to be the only real experienced actor of the bunch and that scares me a little. The main actress doesn’t appear to be able to hold my interest. I like the potential and I liked the first few minutes of the show but everything else was kind of dumb.

Chime in if you are watching too.


I’ll put up reviews later








So this weekend I have decided that I might just have to do some “Fall Cleaning”. The Bengals like always were bad. They were so very Bad.  The Bears on the other hand looked great. I love good Defense. So I am considering changing fromn the Bengals over to the Bears. Both Teams have fearce animals as mascots and both bengin with “B”. The Bears  also have that excellent “C” on the helmets that I guess I could pretend was for Cincinnati.


So one of the best things about my work is that my office has both Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football.

Currently my Baseball team (SalesGuys) Finshed 3rd in the regular season(Money to me) and is playing in the playoffs (More money).  My Team is a very well rounded team with both Top notch pitching and excellent hitting. I would like to thank Mr. Cliff Lee, Jay Bruce, Ryan Howard, Mr. Pujols and Team. 

Also Fantasy Football has just begun – My Team (Then InsideConnection) is currently destroying the other team 111 – 51 and I still have Adrien Peterson,Greg Jennings, and Sota’s Kicker tonight.  The Other Guy has Selvin Young -so unless Young scores 5 Touchdowns and rushes for 500 yards I think I can saftly say I win my First Game. I would Like to thank Sweet Willie Parker and the Bear Defense for making it a decided Victory.

Go Teams!


New Page Layout

Just so you know I’m that guy in college who changed his room’s layout all the time.

It’s not that I dislike sameness i just want to always challege myself and change even small change seems like a little challenge.

So consider this no as a massive make-over for my site but a new shirt for the site.

I like the older looking books too, but I’m sure by day end that will change (Changed again).

Have a good weekend.


note: originally it read “I like the look of the dirty books” – I changed it however -because this isn’t that kind of blog